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Our promise: Safe and regulatory compliant products

We continuously improve our portfolio even beyond legislative and regulatory compliance – to guarantee safe aroma ingredients for humans and the environment in the future regulatory world.

In everything we do, we ensure that each drop of our products is full of expertise.

Detailed product and regulatory information is also available at any time via our 

Virtual Aroma Assistants

We are well equipped to face any regulatory or quality challenge to provide the best results for our customers

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Visual for outstanding Global Regulatory and Product Stewardship Expertise

Outstanding Global Regulatory and Product Stewardship Expertise

Regulatory expertise and Product Stewardship are key to promote safe and sustainable use of products around the world! With our country specific experts in over 70 countries, we have a global network of specalists with in depth regulatory and product knowledge. This set up enables us to monitor changes in existing legislations, screen for upcoming new laws and proactively track new trends to be always up to date with the regulatory challenges worldwide. With a close, sustained dialogue and working relationships with suppliers and customers we support a safe management of our products throughout their life cycle.

Safety is always our priority – we stand for products with excellent regulatory profile*

It is our priority to thoroughly test and screen our existing and future portfolio to ensure that our products are safe for human health and the environment. Beyond standard testing, we proactively develop and apply tailor-made testing strategies to deliver only the best products. Our research and development initiatives prioritize creating safe and sustainable new fragrance ingredients with an excellent olfactory performance that already fulfill future regulatory requirements. Our products are bio-inspired from nature and we support the sustainable development by prioritizing only biodegradable products according to OECD guidelines and IFRA guidance.

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Visual for safety priority and products with excellent regulatory profile
Visual for thought and action leader in F&F industry associations

Thought and action leader in F&F industry associations

We are a thought and action leader in the Flavor & Fragrance industry regarding upcoming new regulations, e.g. the EU Commission’s Green Deal and Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS). We are committed to the industry, we share our scientific expertise, engage in global regulatory developments and in many cases lead CSS relevant initiatives in respective industry associations (The International Fragrance Association, European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC), Research Institute of Fragrance Materials (RIFM). We are already preparing our product portfolio and newly developed products for these upcoming changes of future regulatory requirements.

Scientific expertise combined with unique inhouse (eco)toxicity testing facilities

In order to assess the regulatory profile of our products, our experts conduct state-of-the-art toxicology and ecotoxicology testing in our inhouse laboratories for registration and research purposes. In addition to applying rigorous existing testing protocols, we work to develop and validate new methods to improve the quality and reliability of our testing strategies. And beyond standard requirements, we explore mechanisms of toxicity on a molecular level. We are also dedicated to animal welfare and actively promote research to advance the use of alternative, animal-free methods such as the in vitro skin sensitization (OECD 422E).

Visual for scientific expertise combined with unique inhouse (eco)toxicity testing facilities
Visual for High-quality Aroma Ingredients

High-quality Aroma Ingredients

With our outstanding Quality Management, we continuously develop and strategically implement quality standards for our products that continually further evolve our quality assurance and quality control. Our products are safe for humans and the environment, strictly following quality requirements set out in various national laws and customer standards(e.g., ISO 9001, where applicable: food safety laws and certification like ISO 22000 or FSSC 22000). We have a Global Quality Policy which is based on ISO 9001, many products also comply with the goals of our Food Safety Policy including Food Defense and Food Safety Culture demands. Where product changes may be required, we follow appropriate policies to manage required changes and proactively inform customers if product specifications might be affected. Detailed customer information incl. statements and certificates are provided and continuously updated via our newly launched tool Virtual Aroma Assistant.

* No risk resulting from the following classification as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs) and Most harmful Substances (MhS) according to the definition layed out within the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability based on all available data.     

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