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Sustainable solutions for the Flavor & Fragrance industry

The Flavor & Fragrance industry has a growing need for sustainable products with excellent regulatory profile, improved price performance ratios and unique olfactive profiles.

​As a leading supplier of flavor and fragrance ingredients, we take our commitment to creating a sustainable future seriously. By pursuing ambitious targets, we also enable you to reach your sustainability goals.

The sustainability challenges for the flavor and fragrance industry are clear. Having set our priorities accordingly we want to empower you to make a difference for a more sustainable future.

Icon CO2 Cloud symbolizes reducing the Greenhouse gas emissions and Carbon footprint

Reducing CO2 emissions

Icon Leaf symbolizes reducing the Carrbon footprint and Circular Economy

Increasing the share of renewable ingredients

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Providing biodegradable fragrance ingredients

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Developing fragrance ingredients with excellent regulatory profile

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Reducing CO2 Emissions 

We offer the transparency needed: For our fragrance ingredients we have calculated the product carbon footprint (PCF) which sets the basis for our commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. Our product carbon footprints are based on a validated methodology and BASF's expertise in life cycle assessments. Building on this transparency we offer options to reduce your CO2 emissions – find out more and benefit from high-quality primary data! 

Increasing the share of renewable ingredients

For many synthetic fragrance ingredients, there is no renewable alternative. Our portfolio is different: Almost all of our synthetic fragrance ingredients are available with renewable raw materials in the value chain - with BASF's biomass balance approach (BMBcertTM). With BASF's biomass balance approach, renewable raw materials are used as feedstock right at the beginning of the production network. The amount of biobased raw material is then allocated to the individual fragrance ingredients using a third-party verified certification method. The certified products thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve fossil resources.

Click here to learn more about BASF's biomass balance approach and our BMBcertTM portfolio.

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Photo: Two BASF researchers test the biodegradability of film

Providing biodegradable fragrance ingredients 

All our available BASF fragrance ingredients are biodegradable according to OECD guidelines. In this way, we support our customers in using ingredients that do not remain in the environment. We will continue on this path with our new ingredients and thereby contribute to a more sustainable future in the industry.

Learn more about our biodegradability approach on our Virtual Aroma Assistant.

Developing fragrance ingredients with excellent regulatory profile

Our research and development initiatives prioritize creating new fragrance ingredients with an excellent olfactory performance that also meet high regulatory standards. We invest significant effort in thoroughly testing and screening our future portfolio for toxicity and environmental impact at a very early stage in the development. One such example is VelberryTM, a versatile and fruity-fresh fragrance ingredient that has an excellent toxicological and ecotoxicological profile that also meets newest regulatory standards.

Get more information about VelberryTM on our Virtual Aroma Assistants.

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Our Biomass Balance Certified Products

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