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The spirit of a cool peppermint: L-Menthone 70 FG is the first choice for any mint creation

Click below to get all relevant product details about L-Menthone 70 FG, our mint aroma ingredient with a fruity and herbal profile, including regulatory and quality-related topics as well as insights into sustainability - compiled for you on our Virtual Aroma Assistants:


Fragrance: Versatile product for any mint composition. Decent cooling profile, less sharp than L-Menthol. Blends perfectly with mint and fruit notes as well as with floral-green and woody notes.

Flavor: Very useful product for any mint composition or fruity, sweet and herbal creations. Ideal for blends with Menthol and Menthyl Acetate.

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Our Expert Janika Unkelbach

Janika Unkelbach, BASF Española S.L., Spain